Arthur August Kuchenbecker + Emma Louise Berg

11 children
Lillian Kuchenbecker
Birth: September 13, 1903 22 17 Mantua
Death: December 29, 1989Mesa
Florence Kuchenbecker
Birth: July 16, 1906 25 20 Mantua
Death: September 9, 2009Mantua
Viola Frieda Kuchenbecker
Birth: March 28, 1909 28 22 Mantua
Death: May 7, 1970Cleveland
Clarence H. Kuchenbecker
Birth: December 16, 1910 29 24 Ohio
Death: March 8, 1976Ohio
Dorothy Ina Kuchenbecker
Birth: March 2, 1914 32 27 Mantua
Death: May 4, 2011Prescott
Harold Kuchenbecker
Birth: January 19, 1918 36 31 Mantua
Death: July 1992Broward
Helen M. Kuchenbecker
Birth: January 19, 1918 36 31 Ohio
Death: July 5, 1987
Virgil Kuchenbecker
Birth: June 23, 1922 41 36 Mantua
Death: October 12, 2003Ravenna
Carl Kuchenbecker
Birth: March 26, 1930 49 43 Mantua
Death: December 7, 2019Mayfield Heights
Arthur August Kuchenbecker
Birth: March 6, 1881 31 25 Baldenburg
Death: June 7, 1955Mantua
Birth: June 7, 1849 41 41 Dolgen
Death: January 19, 1901Shalersville
Birth: January 2, 1856Peterswalde
Death: May 26, 1938Shalersville
Emma Berg
Birth: March 31, 1886Preußen
Death: February 17, 1977Mantua

Facts and events

May 8, 1902
Latitude: 40.4 Longitude: -82.9
Address: Ohio, USA
Source: Ancestry
Source: AF Derthick
Family census
April 12, 1940
Latitude: 41.284 Longitude: -81.224
Address: Cavanaugh Road R D 3, Mantua (Portage County), Portage County (Portage), Ohio, USA


Note: Household Members Age Relationship

Household Members Age Relationship

Arthur Kuchenbecker 59 Head
Emma Kuchenbecker 54 Wife
Vrigil Kuchenbecker 18 Son
Harold Kuchenbecker 21 Son

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o Re: Kuchenbecker Family - COL George Clarke 4/14/03
Megan, good news--we are related! I checked with my mom; she knew your grandmother. The oldest brother of my grandmother (Elsie Augusta Kuchenbecker) was Arthur August Kuchenbecker. He was born March 6,1881 and died on June 5,1955. On May 8,1902 he married Emma Louise Berg. She was born on March 31,1886 and lived until February 17,1977. Arthur was your great grandfather, and Emma was your great grandmother. They came to the U.S. in 1890. They had eleven children: 1)Lillian, 2)Rosy(she died after seven days in 1905), 3)Florence, born July 16,1906 (my mother communicates with her regularly--I believe she is living at age 96!), 4)Willie, born July 27,1907 (but, sadly, died on September 26,1907), 5)Viola, 6)Clarence, 7)Dorothy, 8)and 9)were twins--Helen (your grandmother), born on January 19,1918 and died on July 5,1987, and Harold; 10)Virgil, and 11)Carl. Arthur Kuchenbecker's father was Julius Kuchenbecker, who was born on June 7,1849, and died on January 19,1901. Arthur's mom was Augusta Burke, born on January 2, 1856, and died on May 26,1938. More info on Julius and Augusta is in my previous message. They are the first ancestors that we have that are totally in common(you can have one of your parent's explain this if you don't fully understand). Further back, Augusta Burke's dad is August Burke, and her mom was named Charlotte. I am excited to know another relative (you), and that my mom knew your grandmother--I think that they went to the same school. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, COL George Clarke

o Re: Kuchenbecker Family - COL George Clarke 4/13/03
Hello Megan,
I, too, have a grandmother named Kuchenbecker. Her name was Elsie, and she lived in Ohio on a dairy farm near Cleveland. While I am older than you (I have two daughters about your age), I also have a lot of interest in genealogy and take great pride in the Kuchenbecker part of my heritage. There is a good chance that we are distant relatives, but I would need more info to possibly determine where your Helen Kuchenbecker fits. Regardless, I'll give you a little history of my Kuchenbeckers and their relations--you may get some ideas on a connection. First, my grandmother Elsie had six siblings: 1)Arthur, 2)Bertha, 3)Eda, 4)Fred, 5)Harry, and 6)Julius H. Kuchenbecker. She also had a half-sister named JoAnna Kuchenbecker. Second, Elsie's parents were Julius Kuchenbecker and Augusta Burke. Both families appear to hail from an area around Neustetten PR, Pommern, Germany (this is near the present-day eastern border of Germany, up toward the Baltic coast). In addition to settling in Ohio, many of these Kuchenbeckers & Burkes seem to have settled in the vicinity of Round Prairie (Todd County) Minnesota. Two other families that are linked regularly by marriage to the Kuchenbeckers and Burkes througout the relocation from Germany to Minnesota are named Rosenow and Busaker. I have more details if relevant. I hope this helps. I look forward to hearing more from you. Good luck in your search. Regards, COL George Clarke

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