Albert Friedrich August Kapelke + Johanna Karoline Kuchenbecker

Facts and events

Marriage May 6, 1892
Latitude: N53.802 Longitude: E16.691 Google Maps™ Bing Maps™ OpenStreetMap™

Source: StA Sparsee

{1892-H5} Sparsee

Note: Albert Friedrich August Kapelke war Witwer
Number of children

Source: StA Sparsee
Note: Minna Amanda Olga Kapelke {1893-G18} Sparsee

Minna Amanda Olga Kapelke {1893-G18} Sparsee Albert Franz Wilhwlm Kapelke {1895-G52} Sparsee Friedrich Ewald August Kapelke {1898-G44} Sparsee Marie Martha Helene Kapelke {1901-G7} Sparsee Hedwig Elsa Franziska Kapelke [1903-G37} Sparsee Elfriede Anne Elisabth kAPELKE {1905-G44} Sparsee

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