Charles F. Kuchenbecker, 1846

Charles F. /Kuchenbecker/
Given names
Charles F.
Note: auch Cristen
about 1846
transfer business
Latitude: 35.524 Longitude: -108.734
Address: Gallup, New Mexico
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Birth of a brother
December 3, 1851 (aged 5 years)
Latitude: 52 Longitude: 13
Source: Nachrufe_USA
Birth of a brother
February 22, 1866 (aged 20 years)
Latitude: 51.319 Longitude: 9.497
Note: Eltern Fr. M. K’ in Kassel
Marriage of a brother
1881 (aged 35 years)
New Mexiko
Latitude: 35.69 Longitude: -105.94
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Marriage of a brother
October 29, 1913 (aged 67 years)
Latitude: 43.234 Longitude: -86.248
Address: Muskegon Michigan
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Death of a brother
August 22, 1919 (aged 73 years) Age: 67 years 8 months 19 days
Latitude: 31.716 Longitude: -110.065
Address: Safford St., Tombstone, Cochise, Arizona, USA
Note: Nachruf


William F. Kuchenbecker, mayor of Tombstone and successful general merchant, is numbered among those who have been active in shaping the business and political history of the city, his work along both lines being constructive, efficient and far-reaching. He was born in Germany in 1850 and is one of a family of eight children, only two of whom beside himself survive: Charles F., who is engaged in the transfer business in Gallup, New Mexico; and Dr. August Kuchenbecker, a practicing physician in Germany.
William F. Kuehenbecker acquired a limited education in the public schools of his native country and when be was fifteen years of age came to America, settling first in Cairo, Illinois, where he followed various occupations until he enlisted in the United States army. He was sent to the western frontier against the Indians and served for five years throughout New Mexico and Arizona, becoming thoroughly familiar with the conditions of life in the southwest. After he had obtained his discbargc he remained in New Mexico, where he worked first in a post trading store for four years and then went to Gallup, where he engaged in general merchandising until 1907, going in that year to Los Angeles, California. After a short time, however, he removed to Tombstone, buying out a general merchandise stock there and establishing himself in business. He has been very successful and has built up a large and representative patronage. He is very methodical and accurate in his transactions and has so conducted his interests that he has gained the respect and confidence of his business associates.
Mr. Kuchenbecker married, in 1881, in New Mexico, Miss Angelina Young, a native of Gallatin, Missouri. The father of Mrs. Kuehenbeeker was a native of Virginia and her mother of Kentucky. Both are deceased. Mrs. Kuchenbeeker passed away in Los Angeles, California, December 5, 1895. She was the mother of two children: Minnie, who died in infancy; and Louis Frederick, who was born in Gallup, New Mexico, July 5, 1885. He is associated with his father in the general merchandise business in Tombstone and is numbered among the most progressive and enterprising of the younger generation of business men in the city. He married Miss Sadie E. Cowan, a native of Tombstone and a daughter of Thomas Cowan, of that city. They have one son, William Thomas. On October 29, 1913, Mr. Kuchenbecker married Miss Alice Feeney, a native of Muskegon, Michigan.
Fraternally Mr. Kuehenbecker is identified with the Knights of Pythias. Ile has ever been interested in public affairs and his interest takes the form of active participation in public life. For three terms he was mayor of Gallup, New Mexico, and for two terms served ably and conscientiously in the New Mexico territorial legislature. He was elected mayor of Tombstone in 1912 and reelected in 1914 and has done constructive and able work in the interests of the city. He is today recognized as one of the strong and forceful men of Tombstone, whose initiative spirit and executive ability have found expression in the upbuilding of an extensive business and have carried him forward into important political relations.

Death of a brother
November 11, 1943 (aged 97 years)
Latitude: 46.857 Longitude: 9.527
Note: Quelle:

Njbl.Hist.Verein SG (1945) S.47
Neujahrsblätter des Historischen Vereins des Kantons St. Gallen (HVSG)
Kuchenbecker August *__.__.1866 +11.11.1943 Chur

Zentrale Medizinische Gutachtenstelle (ZMGA) 242 S.124

Family with parents
Marriage Marriage
6 years
younger brother
Birth: December 3, 1851 Deutschland
Death: August 22, 1919Tombstone
14 years
younger brother
Birth: February 22, 1866 Kassel
Death: November 11, 1943Chur
Source: Nachrufe_USA

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