Nachruf für Carl Ludwig Kuchenbecker

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Nachruf für Carl Ludwig Kuchenbecker
Geburt 1853 • Germany
Tod 6 JAN 1928 • Round Prairie, Todd, Minnesota

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Information obtained from random research indicates that the Kuchenbecker family originated in Germany and probably, prior to immigration to America, they lived in Stettin Stadt, Pommern, Pruessen. information shows details for Carl Ludwig Kuchenbecker: Carl Kuchenbecker
Birth: 19 Nov 1853 in Eschenriege, Kreis Neustettin, Pommern, Germany. Death: 6 Jan 1928 in Round Prairie, Todd, Minnesota, USA
Ships listings show: (1) An Emilie Kuchenbecker, 24 yrs., single, is listed as a passenger on the S.S. Polaria, Hamburg, Germany to New York, 15 May 1882. (2) A Maria (19, single) and Louis (15, single) arrived on the S.S. Wieland from Hamburg to New York, 21 Nov 1876. (3) A Carl Kuchenbacker 29, Ernestine Kuchenbacker 26, Munia Kuchenbacker 9 mnths. female from Prussia are listed as passengers on the S.S. Australia, Hamburg to New York, 9 November 1882.--Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.
Ancestry listings for Carl Ludwig Kuchenbecker show father: Christian Ludwig Kuchenbecker / mother: Henrietta Mellentin. Spouse of Carl Ludwig Kuchenbecker: Henrietta Beyer 1878 Germany.
Research to date (No source/speculation): Christian Ludwig Kuchenbecker + Henrietta Mellentin, Germany. Children: Carl Ludwig Kuchenbecker, Willhamina Marie Kuchenbecker.
Carl Ludwig Kuchenbecker was born about 1853 in Germany. Carl married Emalie (or Henrietta) Beyer born about 1878 Germany. Children: Ernest Otto Kuchenbecker 1880 Germany - 1954 MN, Bertha Kuchenbecker 1893 MN. Carl Ludwig Kuchenbecker then married Mathilda Lohrke born about 1864 Germany. Children Murial 1891 MN, Ella 1896 MN, Otto 1889 MN, Albert 1898 MN.
Ernest Otto Kuchenbecker married Ida Stenzel 1886 Germany d/o Emil and Alvina Miller Stenzel. Children were Harold Carl Kuchenbecker and Walter Otto Kuchenbecker 1921 d: Faribault, MN.
Wilhalmina Marie Kuchenbecker, born about 1864 Pommem, Germany married Carl Christian Busacker. Children were: Otto Joachim Busacker 1891 MN, Emil Adolf Busacker 1901 MN, Lydia Wilhamina Busacker 1899 MN, Bertha Helene Busacker 1893 MN.
Census records list 1860 Cooperstown, Manitwoc, WI: Christian Kuchenbecker 32 Prussia / Wilhelmina 31 Prussia / Bertha 1 WI / Charles 1 mo. WI. Next door is Martin Kuchenbecker 36 / Henrietta 36 / Christian 15 / Anguss 14 / William 10 all Prussia.
Ernest Otto and Ida (Stenzel) Kuchenbecker are found in 1920 Round Prairie, Todd, Mn. Surname is listed as Kuchenbecker. Ernest is 39 and shows an immigration date of 1880. Ida is 3

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